Bloody Royal Prints

The latest Coleman and Dinah Greene mystery is filled with the extraordinary character dynamics and multi-layered plots that readers have come to expect from one of the exciting new voices in mystery fiction.

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Fatal Impressions

Dinah and Coleman find themselves swept into the heart of another mystery. The hunt for the murderer is complicated and dangerous…but first Dinah needs to clear her own name from the suspect list.


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Cousins Coleman and Dinah Greene moved from North Carolina to New York after college to make their mark on the art world. But it’s not easy, and when they find themselves embroiled in a murder investigation, their very lives are at risk.

A colorful start to a new art-world mystery series.

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Here is the deeply moving and entirely irresistible story that introduces Coleman and Dinah Greene, the stars of RESTRIKE and FATAL IMPRESSIONS.


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From Susan Kinsolving

I used to be excited when September came, because I loved going back to school. I’m not in school and have felt decidedly melancholy until I received the following comments on my first two books. What a lift of my spirits… The writer, Susan Kinsolving, is a well-known and much admired poet. She is Poet in Residence and Director of American Literature and Theatre at the Hotchkiss School. Thank you, Susan! I don’t read mysteries. Maybe the mystery is why not. As a genre, mystery has never appealed to me. So how Reba White Williams won me over in her books Restrike and Fatal Impressions might deserve some literary sleuthing. Her main characters, Dinah and Coleman Greene come across as the kind of women I’d want as real friends. They’re educated, interesting, and unpredictable. Their involvement with the art world, prints and publications in particular, offers a wonderful sense of behind-the-scenes voyeurism with aesthetic experts. As a reader, it’s fun to follow them around. I like being in their offices and galleries, learning how it all works. And finally, I admit, I came to care who-done-it! In fact, the puzzle captivated me into late night page-turning, sleuthing and solving instead of sleeping. I may not be a convert to the genre yet, but author Williams has a follower....

How I Use Food in My Books

“How I Use Food in My Books,” a short essay, was published in Mystery Readers Journal. Food is important in my three Coleman and Dinah Greene mysteries, and in Angels, my book about Coleman and Dinah as children. Click here to read “How I Use Food in My Books” (opens in a new window) Click here to read the entire issue, or to subscribe to Mystery Readers Journal...

Pink Toys

For nearly a year my great niece insisted Muffin was a girl–and gave him pink toys. He still likes them...