Restrike finds a publisher…Delos, the new fiction subsidiary of Axios Press, publisher of outstanding works of non-fiction by Jim Grant, Joe Epstein and John Julius Norwich among others.

-The generosity of authors! Busy writers put aside their own work to read Restrike and write endorsements

-The arrival of Muffin, just under three-pounds of fluffy white fur, and constant joy.

-The ARCs of Restrike, another step towards its publication, are complete, and in our hands.

The Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction is won by Stephen Wetta for his If Jack’s in Love. Another great book and a new friend!

-Engaged a team of book-publishing experts: Julie Schoerke of JKS Communications and M.J. Rose of AuthorBuzz.

-Thanksgiving in New York with Melanie, Eddie, Braeden and Kinsley White

Amazon and Barnes & Noble announce Restrike available for pre-order