Muffin Beach 2Each of our dogs—all Maltese—have reacted differently to the ocean. Hush Puppy loved it: liked to chase the little waves, and play with the sea foam. Truffle was terrified by it. When we walked on the beach, often wading in the shallow water, he walked parallel to us, watching us from well above the high tide line.

Muffin Beach 1We hoped Muffin, now two years old, would enjoy the ocean, but he ignored it. He pretended it wasn’t there. He disliked most of what he encountered, especially the golf carts. He made it clear he preferred a closed car, for which he had to wait for our return to Connecticut. He also hated our 2 ½ hour boat trip to look at turtles.

He found only four things that interested him, all of which required a chase: huge high-jumping grasshoppers; cowardly lizards that ran up the trees; a visiting gray heron-like bird (probably also hunting the grasshoppers); and, above all, the chicken, especially the roosters, that roamed our island paradise. They not only ran from him, they made wonderful noises when they ran. (We spent a lot of time chasing him, while he chased the local faunae.) Like the chipmunks and squirrels in Greenwich, all of his new found playmates (or prey) escaped him. All in all, he found our mini vacation very disappointing. (We’ll leave him at home when we next go to the beach.)