MuffinHunterIn California, our little garden is fenced, so we’d planned to leave the house doors open so Muffin could come and go as he pleases.

But we are visited by huge feral cats, maybe ten pounds–far bigger than six-pound Muffin, who is mostly fur. Any one of them could hurt him badly.

I’d hoped that he’d never see one, but one day I heard him barking more frantically than usual. An impertinent cat sat on the wall looking down at him, unimpressed by Muffin. When I came out, the cat ran away, but Muffin thought he’d scared it off. He’s been proud of himself and on the watch ever since.

Yesterday, a huge gray cat with an enormous tail appeared on the patio. (I thought for a moment that it was a racoon that haunts our garden in Connecticut.) Muffin was out the door like a shot, and chased the cat up a rock wall, which must seem like a mountain to him. The cat disappeared over the wall, but Muffin remains on high alert, and when he goes outside, he climbs the mountain looking for the cat (see picture). I pray he never gets close enough to a cat for the cat to attack him.