While the weather is still warm much of the time, the leaves are finally beginning to turn red or yellow, assuring us that cool weather is on the way. Looking back on September, the stand-out events took place in North Carolina, starting with the marvelous celebration in Raleigh of the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance’s Fortieth Anniversary. We have given support to SIBA, and were guests of wonderful Wanda Jewell and all the friendly book people—sellers, writers, readers in that important organization.

I think of myself as a Southerner living in the North and I loved the familiar accents, and the Southern hospitality. We were treated like Southern Royalty with all kinds of treats, gifts and surprises.

We were reluctant to leave while the celebrations were still underway, but had promised our Greenville relatives a visit to Duke in Durham to see the lemurs. (Yes, I said lemurs. There’s more to the lemur story, I’ll write about it another day.) Thanks to all the SIBA crowd, especially Wonder Woman Wanda. We look forward to joining you next September in Savannah.

We greatly appreciated our time with you. Thank you, too for liking my Facebook page.

One final comment: I wrote a compliment about a SIBA guest writer and his book, and he wrote me a thank you note! This is the only thank you note I’ve ever received for my countless praising and recommending of books. Rah Rah SIBA!