GoldenGateClubWe emerged from our hermit-like existence in Southern California to visit the San Francisco Fine Print Fair, held at the Golden Gate Club in Presidio Park. Reba wanted to consult with Gala Chamberlain of Annex Galleries about a particular type of color woodcut she plans to include in a book. It was fun to gossip with print dealers we’d not seen in years.

beachchaletWe did a bit of sightseeing, including a quick look at Japan Town (Who knew?) and, notably, viewing the big WPA mural by Lucien Labaudt at the Beach Chalet. We stayed on the western edge of the city, an area we didn’t know—Baker Beach, China Beach, and Point Lobos. Big wide beaches, huge waves. Lunch at Cliff House, perched on a very high cliff at ocean’s edge, good food, great views. A whole new San Francisco to us.

Friends tend to drift through Palm Springs, and we ventured out a second time to have lunch with Jonathan Myles-Lea, a British artist, recently moved to L.A., and his friends Andreea and Jason. We were introduced by our good friend Daniel Moylan of London. Jonathan specializes in painting historic houses and gardens, for which he has achieved fame in his home country. He’s also an active blogger, with some of his art on view. See Lively, hilarious conversation!

Now, back to the writing desk and gym.

Reba and Dave