A captivating debut, Restrike puts on display the international world of fine art. Reba White Williams has crafted an ambitious, fascinating, and textured puzzler, rife with suspects and red herrings. A polished gem of a read. Bring on the next Coleman and Dinah Greene mystery!

Julia Spencer-Fleming, New York Times Bestselling Author

A tight, tricky plot that takes you on a breathless romp through the world of fine art prints. Captivating characters and a highly energetic plot – art smart and highly literate– I loved it!

—New York Times bestselling author Laura Childs

Starts out with a bang and keeps you riveted! A first rate debut!

New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry

Reba Williams channels Agatha Christie in this smart and sassy whodunit that takes on the print world and hits a strike—and a restrike!

Jonathan Santlofer, popular art-mystery writer and Nero Wolfe Award winner

This twisty thriller provides a captivating glimpse into the glitzy New York City art scene. You’ll root for the 30-something Southern belle magazine publisher, Coleman Greene, as she fights to save her business—and ultimately her life. As Coleman discovers the shadowy secrets that lead to lies, you’ll find yourself considering the true meaning of value and the true value of love.

Jane Cleland, well-known cosy writer, author of Dolled Up for Murder, a Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery

Restrike is described as a mystery novel; but it is a good deal more than that. It gives us a fascinating—if at times alarming—inside picture of the print world, its galleries and its dealers. The author is herself a well-known collector of prints, and her knowledge and experience shine through every page. And as if that were not enough, we also get a first-rate thriller, which holds our rapt attention until the end.

John Julius Norwich, author of The Popes: A History, Trying to Please, A Short History of Byzantium, Paradise of Cities: Venice in the Nineteenth Century, and most recently, A History of England in 100 Places: Stonehenge to the Guerkin.

Restrike is a thrilling and compelling story of murder and treachery starting with the auction of valuable prints to a questionable and secretive buyer. Operatic-like subplots all add to the suspense leading the story in surprising directions to its imaginative, unexpected conclusion. Reba Williams kept me spellbound with a concise, fast-moving, tightly written story.

Francesca Zambello, Director of Glimmerglass, is a world-famous director of opera and musicals, including The Little Mermaid.

There’s a major new presence on the crime scene…Reba White Williams. Restrike will strike a big hit with sophisticated readers who love culture, uncommon criminals and terrific writing. You won’t be able to put this book down!

Alexandra Penney, the bestselling author of How to Make Love  to a Man and How to Make Love to Each Other, and former editor-in-chief of SELF magazine. Her most recent book is The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing It All.

Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Sue Grafton, and a few others, have a new sister in the celebrated sorority of women mystery writers. Reba White Williams begins her exciting series with Restrike! Any reader who meets Dinah and Coleman Greene will be eager to follow those fascinating cousins as they solve crimes and expose secrets. Williams’ pages turn fast. Her sophistication with art, fashion, food, and scent add extra pleasure to the heart-beating tension.

Susan Kinsolving is the author of The White Eyelash, Dailies and Rushes, and Among Flowers.

In Restrike, Reba shares her expertise yet again by bringing the arcane world of prints to vivid life, capturing its connoisseurship, quirks, and personalities. You learn a lot about prints while racing through this engrossing mystery. Reba provides the inside information necessary to follow the mesmerizing plot, which is salted with real-life bold-face names. For art lover and mystery fan alike, Restrike is a feast.

Susan Larkin is a well-known art historian. Among her many books are: Top Cats: The Life and Times of the New York Public Library Lions, American Impressionism: The Beauty of Work; The Cos Club Art Colony: Impressionists on the Connecticut Shore.

Reba White Williams’ Restrike is not only an excellently plotted and fast-paced cozy, full of intelligent and eccentric characters, expertly braided subplots, and compelling surprises. It is also a novel that does what the best fiction should always do: it fully inhabits a fascinating subculture. Reba White Williams draws upon her expertise as an art historian and international print collector to enliven and deepen the imaginative world of this novel. Yes, she knows how to thoroughly entertain us with an equal measure of suspense and humor. But she also teaches us a great deal about contemporary art society—not just insider knowledge concerning prints, including the ways in which they are falsified, but more importantly the values, attitudes, and web of relationships that bind and damage such a community. The investigation at the heart of this novel is not just into murder, but into the nature of fraud, forgery, and the secret selves that often rise up unexpectedly to ambush us.

K. L. Cook, Author of Love Songs for the Quarantined and The Girl from Charnelle

Reba White Williams has spun a suspenseful tale that provides a fascinating glimpse into the harrowing, high-stakes world of art fraud. Restrike is a smart, fast-paced mystery peopled with vivid characters both charming and dark.

Mindy Friddle is the author of The Garden Angel and Secret Keepers.

I was up all night. WOW! A suspenseful, roller coaster ride through the sexy world of art. You get to learn the inner workings of a serpentine world and have fun at the same time.

Barbara Guggenheim is a partner in the art consultancy Guggenheim, Asher Associates, Inc. She’s written several books, including Decorating on eBay and The Ultimate Organizer. She is currently completing a book that goes behind the scenes in the art business, Art World: The Second Oldest Profession.

An intelligent fascinating thriller with and intense narrative drove. Agatha Christie Meets Muriel Spark. I loved it!

Bert Fields, is an American lawyer famous for his work in the field of entertainment law. He is the author of Royal Blood: Richard III and the Mystery of the Princes, Players: The Mysterious Identity of William Shakespeare, and two novels published under the name D. Kincaid, The Sunset Bomber and The Lawyer’s Tale.