13715-3The New York Times is producing reviews so long and tedious that even when it is a positive review, readers may think the play will be as boring as the review. Ben Brantley’s November 3rd review of King Charles III is so long and so tedious, we might have skipped the play—except that we saw it in London—and loved every minute of it. Friends, ignore the review, and rush to see the play!

17999_show_portrait_largeAn even wordier and more negative review was Charles Isherwood’s indictment of Sylvia. It was so negative we wouldn’t have gone to see it, except that we’d seen an earlier version, and found it very funny.

On October 29th we joined a packed audience, howling with laughter. A favorable review is the Wall Street Journal who told it like it is: Hilarious! (I think you have to know something about dogs to appreciate it totally, and Isherwood admits he’s a cat person.)