Wherever we live, or even spend a few months a year, we acquire books about the location. A list of books we have collected follows this brief summary of what we like about Stonington, and why we spend time there.

We were first attracted to Stonington by its waterfront gardens. We’d long admired Childe Hassam’s paintings of the lovely gardens on the Isle of Shoals. When we learned that we could buy a house in Stonington, which offered us the opportunity to own a small garden between the house and the seawall, we grabbed it. The house required major renovation and restoration, and our garden was carved out of dead grass and an old shuffleboard court. It’s now beautiful. We later added a more informal garden at our guest house, which is especially attractive to children. We like it, too.

We also enjoy the view of the water from our porch and driving by nearby Cannon Square. We helped to restore the cannons, which were used in the Battle of Stonington during the War of 1812, as we have resurrected the gardens and our house. There’s a great feeling of accomplishment in restoring houses, gardens, and cannons.

Stonington: A Bibliography

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Dave and me in our beloved garden by the sea

We welcome suggestions of books we may have overlooked.

We greatly appreciate the assistance of Betty Richards in identifying these books.