I’ve continued to read The Austen Project books.

9780062200464_4ffedJoanna Trollope’s Sense & Sensibility is fun, although I think most Austen fans won’t like it. Too many changes, both of events and characters. Its worst feature for me is the use of text-trash words, like “totes” (for totally) in sentences like “totes ok mos def.” Ugh. Deliver me from text-talk.

9780802123015_67887I liked Val McDermid’s Northanger Abbey a little more. The original is my least favorite Austen book, and the central character in the McDermid book is not as idiotic as the original, although she giggles and squeals and squeaks too much. On the other hand, her friend, Bella, says totally over and over again, and also “totes,” and everyone uses the deadly “like.” Please dear writers, stop ruining the English language. There are so many beautiful words—simple, clear, clean.