A year ago when I learned that Restrike was going to be published, I’d never heard of “Blog Tours.” I’m guessing a number of my friends don’t recognize the term either.

It’s easiest to explain by citing an example. Trish Collins has links with a series of bloggers interested in reading and reviewing books. Her tour is TLC Book Tours. She arranged for my book to go from blogger to blogger. Restrike was reviewed on its tour by thirteen bloggers, who made positive comments. Each have followers who look to the blogs for book recommendations, and influence others to read them.

The bloggers are from all different parts of the country, have varying backgrounds, and tended to comment on different aspects of Restrike.

As Trish wrote in her wrap-up: “I was Suitcasesreally happy to see that everyone really enjoyed the book. I saw lots of comments about how this was a fun mystery to read. One thing that everyone said was that they loved the two main characters. Reba has written a fantastic book and many are looking forward to her next book.”