We saw Sylvia, a musical, and laughed with the rest of the audience. (If you like dogs go see it!)

Next, we saw two serious films.

We enjoyed Bridge of Spies. Tom Hanks was his own heroic and wonderful self, as the lawyer who has to defend a Russian spy, Rudolf Abel, in the face of Americans hating him for doing it. Mark Rylance was excellent as the Russian spy.

The scenery—Cold War Berlin, covered in snow, where people were desperately trying to climb the wall between East and West Berlin, and cold young men stole our hero’s coat, was realistic and sad. It reminded us of The Cold War, which ended not so long ago. We recommend the film.

We also saw Suffragette, a tearjerker about English women fighting to get voting rights. London in 1912 is depicted as brutal and violent. The last few scenes are horrific, but as far as I could tell, factual. I learned a lot, and cried a little.