AngelsI know that adults like Angels, my privately published prequel to Restrike, featuring Coleman and Dinah Greene as children. They’ve complimented it, and requested a sequel. I hope to write a sequel some day, but meanwhile, I am pleased to announce that Angels will be published next year.

I’ve wondered whether Middle Grade readers (8-14) or Young Adult readers (14 and up) would enjoy Angels, but I didn’t have a way to find out. Finally, with great trepidation, I gave Angels to my great nephew, and waited anxiously for his opinion.

Here is his review:

“Angels is my fourth favorite book next to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and The Palladin Prophecy.”

                                                            -Braeden White, age 11

I sighed with relief. Angels is in good company. (I doubt if my work will ever again appear in a list with Harry Potter.)