Willie Morris1Most of our friends know that October is Willie Morris Award month. Monday night we presented the 2014 prize to Amy Greene for Long Man.

About sixty people joined us at the New York Yacht Club for celebrating the award. This year we expanded the evening to include background about Long Man’s setting, an episode in 1936 involving the Tennessee Valley Authority. The early days of the TVA coincided with the WPA, so we brought in art made on the WPA art program. Willie Morris2Here’s Reba discussing a favorite WPA print.

Willie Morris3Amy finished the evening with a reading from and talk about Long Man, and signing complimentary copies of the book.

Many of the attendees complimented the program. We’ll attempt to add special features again to next year’s program. We are soliciting 2015 books from publishers. For more information, see the website http://williemorrisaward.org/.